Monday, 14 August 2017

Happy independence day

Happy Independence Day

Jab aankh khule to dharti Hindustan ki ho, jab aankh band ho to yaadein Hindustan ki ho; hum marr bhi jayein to koi gum nahin, lekin marte waqt mitti Hindustan ki ho

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Independence from obesity

Independance from obesity
On this independence day here are 5 steps you can take to win the battle of the bulge, just like how soldiers work, taking inspiration from them.

1.) Find your goal or your enemy, just like soldier
You must choose your goal be it weight loss, reducing diabetes, BP, reduce cholesterol, acidity, thyroid or just healthy eating. Then all you have to do is just show up your duty.

2.) Choose your leader
You need a strong leader who can point you in the right direction. Whether it is a personal trainer or nutritionist – you MUST have a strong leader that can teach you everything you need to reach your goal.

3.) Build your army or team
A team who will train, work and be behind you and NOT leave you till you reach your goal, mainly will support you like a team. Once you’ve adapted this new lifestyle, take people with you and make your unit stronger. Pass along your knowledge to save as many people as you can.

4.) Train for battle
You must treat every day as a lesson. Every meal, every workout and every thought has a purpose, with no time wasted. Take High calorie food and laziness as enemy which will always taunt us so we must be trained and ready to win the war. Training will make us stronger and we will find the enemy (junk food, inactivity) has less of an impact on us when we are disciplined in our training.

5.) Always be ready
We have achieved our goal doesn’t mean we tell all our troops to go home. Soldiers don’t quit training, quit learning, and quit looking at plans to defend our country. Yet, when we reach our weight loss goals, we often “send the troops home”. We take down our defenses as if there is no more enemy. That is why so many people regain their weight also so many truly live in the middle of real battle all their lives. Some people may battle with their health all their lives too.

The fact is: You can either win the battle all your life OR continue losing the battle all your life.
Just because you reach your goal, don’t quit training, learning and protecting your temple. Be ready, be strong and NEVER let your guard down.

Is it time you yelled FREEDOM!? It is time you claim your independence? Let this independence day be a day you celebrate as the day you became FREE….free from unhealthy lifestyle.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Using whole grains in daily cooking

How to use whole grains in daily cooking

•Start mixing brown rice in the white rice to develop the taste gradually, Soak brown rice overnight before cooking to activate the process of germination thereby increasing its nutritive value.

•Keep a stock of whole-wheat crackers and cereals ready for any-time snack option.

•Use whole-wheat flour in baking instead of refined flour.

•Make khichdi using various grains to increase the nutrition manifolds.

•Experiment with porridge using combination of different grains such as oats, barley, ragi, millet and corn.

Switch to the wholesome wholegrain

Health benefits of whole grains

Health Benefits of whole grains

• Low Glycemic index of wholegrain slows down the process of digestion giving a feeling of satiation for a longer period. Thus help reduce the hunger pangs and obesity and also makes it a good choice for diabetics, as it stabilizes the blood-glucose levels.

• High fiber contents in it make the stool bulky and help in easy excretion, relieving constipation. Also helps reduce the cholesterol levels by absorbing the LDLs (bad) cholesterol from the blood stream.

• Minerals and vitamins present in wholegrain provides immunity against cancer, high-blood pressure and many heart ailments.

Consuming an average of 2.5 servings of whole grains each day is associated with a 21 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to consuming only 0.2 servings," said Philip Mellen, M.D., lead author and an assistant professor of internal medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.( Source:-

Consumers should look for "100 percent whole grain" on food labels.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why is maida unhealthy

Why is maida unhealthy. ..... why...if you are confused as to why daliya is better than maida on

Wheat and its products
Milling and grinding the whole wheat grain provides different grades of flours to be used in cooking.

Whole-wheat when processed gives broken-wheat (dalia)It is made by milling wheat grains coarsely. Wheat is cleaned and husked and then processed to the required size. It is highly nutritious as it does not undergo refining.

Futher processing gives Semolina (rawa).  Semolina is a very gritty, coarse type of flour, usually made from purified wheat middlings of durum wheat and still further the whole wheat grain when ground with the skin and germ yields brownish flour called atta or whole wheat flour.

The same when refined further or ground without the skin yields whiter flour called maida i.e  refined flour the most starchy and nutrition-less product of the wholegrain.

Hence it is very clear broken wheat is more nutritious and maida is least nutritious,hence avoid products made with maida like white bread, cakes, biscuits, various pastries, fast food like samosa, naan.

Go whole grain eat healthy be healthy.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Do not take unnecessary medication

Do not take unnecessary medication.

Unnecessary drugs are an invitation to allergy, dependency, needless expense and countless side effects. Three quarters of your immune system is located in your gut, where it protects against foreign toxic substances in your food. A healthy balance of gut material is essential to normal immune system functioning. But if you take too many antibiotics too often this natural function is disturbed.

Overuse of anti-microbials promotes the emergence of resistant organisms with dangerous prospects to your future health. Keep your medicine cabinet very light and after you finish taking prescribed medicine throw away any left over pills. This will reduce the chance of being tempted to take an outdated or inappropriate drug in the future.

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Health retreat

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